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                  "The Virtuoso" & "The Virtuoso: A Sequel" 3rd Editions

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3rd Edition

The Author

3rd Edition

         A mainstream contemporary novel laced with the struggles and ambivalence of a young man's desire to be a jazz musician and the forces that move him in another direction - toward the classics.  How this dilemma resolves itself and the escapades along the way and beyond will both rouse, yet soothe your quest for escape from the mundane!

        The Virtuoso is a story of romance. A love story as well as a story with scarlet moments of lust from that oldest story of all -  the story of human frailty against the spear of temptation.  The lives of Jack/John Dupree and Sophia Berry are played out against a  canvas of music and on the darker side - prostitution. Where will John's life take us?  Where will Sophia's life take her? Be prepared for three dimensional characters and convoluted plots.  "The Virtuoso" will transport you - drawing you into the story to live each scene.

A New Orleans Jam Session!

 .  .  .The room, the audience, the band, was throbbing with the magic of the music; there was a delicious ache in Jack's kidneys from the adrenalin that was gushing through his body. He no longer was conscious of his body, he felt he had become the music, every cell, every atom, was resonating, was singing, was filling the room, lifting every listening soul. His body had become the clarinet and was playing its self; the notes pouring forth in an endless necklace of glowing orbs. Jack was riding it like a rocket to the stratosphere. The band's relentless, hypnotic pulse; the sweet brilliance of the brass that urged Jack on and on - until the Heavens opened up with that ultimate plateau of excitement - that place where there is freedom from all pain, worry, and the external world; that place where perfect peace and fulfillment abound. . . The Ultimate Climax - Nirvana.

Perhaps, "The Virtuoso" is a looming contemporary classic. A story to be remembered!  A screenplay cloaked as a novel, for the present. You will be the judge!

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ISBN-13: 978-1484067116


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